Sembilang National Park

Sembilang National Park

Sembilang National Park is a forest conservation that includes production forest, wildlife forest, and tourism forests. Sembilang National Park is one of the wetland ecosystem which is quite important in Indonesia. This area has also been recognized as a Ramsar site of 1945 or the fifth in Indonesia. In addition, Sembilang National Park is also a habitat for thousands of migratory water birds. Therefore, it is not surprising that this unique tourism destination has been assigned as the second Flyway Site Network in Indonesia.

Another uniqueness of Sembilang National Park is surrounded by rivers and small islands which have a variety of natural resources. While the natural wealth of this national park can be seen from the diversity of flora and fauna that live and thrive in Sembilang National Park.

Some fauna that can be found in this area, are; Sumatran tiger, Sumatran elephants, tapirs, gibbons, golden cat, sambar deer, estuarine crocodiles, various types of fish, freshwater turtles, freshwater dolphins, and various species of birds. Meanwhile, the type of flora that can be found in this area includes; nails elephants, nipah palm, casuarina, pandanus, nibong, jelutung, menggeris, and gelam tikus.

So, do not hesitate to visit the Sembilang National Park with family and friends. Your daily fatigue will disappear in this place.

Photo Credit: Sriwijaya Post – Tribun Sumsel

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