Al-Munawar Arab Village

The name of Al-munawar Village is located at 13 Ulu area, Palembang was derived from the founder of Al Habib Abdurrahman Al Munawar. Typical with ancient village, this village is surrounded by river and watery area which is Musi River in the north, Ketemenggunana River (west), Kangkang River (east) and   swamp (now it has become a village and Jl. K.H.A Azhary). His success in the trade enabled Habib Abdurrahman Al-munawar built house for him and his children in mid of 19th century. Habib who came from Hadramaut (now Yemen) was born in the 13th century H and died on 27 Rajab 1310 H, February 14, 1893 AD.

The Al Munawar clan’s bussiness growing at a fast clip when his sons were running the business, the sawmill in the early 1900 s and rubber latex after 1914. At the turn of the century, his second son Alwi Al Munawar expanded further his business in sawmill with the steam engine method. In recorded history, the sawmill was able to provide 200 boards a day. Almunawar and Assegaf family also built a sawmill at Musi banks (150 km from the sea estuary) as driven by 5 pk motor which produced 700 boards a day with  28m volume. Almunawar and Assegaf family were united through the marriage, as the three daughters of Abdurrahman was married to Assegaf family. Until now, 8 houses which were built from the firt time still inhabited by the descendants of Habib Abdurrahman Al Munawar. Visit this village to experience the footprints of the Arab village by enjoying its exceptional culinary and interaction with the locals.

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