Ayo Download 2019 STATPAR South Sumatra Tourism


Ayo Download 2020 STATPAR South Sumatra Tourism


Special From South Sumatra

Specials from South Sumatra are their local food and heritage. As a province rich in culinary it is mandatory to come and prove it.

Regency and City

South Sumatra is a province in Indonesia that has the greatest potential in Culture and tourism where each city and district have their own diverse local cultures.

Wonderful of South Sumatera

We showcase South Sumatra’s charm with Photo Galleries and videos You can see it here, do not hesitate to visit and see the charm of south sumatra.


Al quran Al Akbar

Al-Qur’an named Al-Akbar is one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Palembang, South Sumatra…

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Kampung Arab Al-Munawar

The name of Al-munawar Village is located at 13 Ulu area, Palembang was derived from the founder of Al Habib Abdurrahman Al Munawar…

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Jakabaring Sport City

After having the honor for hosting the SEA GAMES 2011, Jakabaring Sports City is again entrusted to welcome and provide…

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Ampera Bridge

What fairly seen about Palembang city? It is definitely The Ampera Bridge. This bridge is typically Palembang city icon that located in the heart of Palembang city, that connected Seberang Ulu area and Seberalng Ilir.

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Ranau Lake

Ranau Lake is the second largest lake in Sumatra. It located in the border line of West Lampung, Lampung province and Ogan Komering Ulu regency, South Sumatra.This lake is created by the blast of volcanic.

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Pagar Alam City

Pagaralam is a city in South Sumatra. It bounded by Bengkulu Province to the south, the district of Jarai to the north, the district of Kota Agung to the east and the district of Tanjung Sakti to the west.

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